Sunday 23 January 2022

In which thumb can we wear the Chandi ring for Shukra Grah?

 Hello guys, if we talk about silver ring, is us usually used to enhance venus energy in your horoscope.

Best answer is for improve venus silver ring is used to wear in right thumb in friday in shukla paksh in shukra hora,

If you dont know about paksh, hora, you dont need to worry, you just comment your wish to wearing ring i will give you best muhurat in comment section.

Silver both related to venus and moon, but we use in thumb then that means energies our venus planet remedy. 

Silver ring in thumb is used since many years as venus remedy with silver ring in seems odd in thumb but it is very effective.

How many days it gives result

Generally no one can say without read your horoscope, because it depends on position and degree of venus planet in astrological lagan chart , it depends on weakness of venus planet in birth chart.

Rather than it would says 2 to 3 weeks it shows their initial symtoms in order to improve result of venus in lagan chart.

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