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Jyotishvikalp.com is one of most updated and astrological blog, its all about astrology, and aim to spread wisdom of vedic astrology, deep information about all 9 planets and their nature, remedies, nakshatra, rashi, and various branches of indian vedic astrological like, numerology, palmistry, love astrology, career horoscope, medical astrology etc. and provide astrological service and guidance at very affordable price regarding, kundali analysis, horoscope matching, and last but not the least , provide astrological tutorial through our blog to those students who are interested to make career in astrology

I try to touch more deeper dimension of astrology, even every house of every planet of every constellations, etc.


Jyotishvikalp.com provide astrology service at affordable price.

1. Gems recommendations

2. Horoscope analysis

3. Career Guidance

4. Love guidance

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